Purify that smell…and so many other things.

5 drops purify with regular amount of water.  Aromalight diffuser lasts for 8 hours
This is something that we suffer from occasionally in our home.  We have a baby that is eating real food but still wearing diapers, and we also have a cat who will occasionally get herself locked into a room for most of the day and end up pooping on the floor.  Something that we have noticed is that in these situations, the smell can linger.  When we change the baby’s diaper, his room can stink for hours afterward and the same goes for after the cat accident is cleaned.
In order to combat the smells that occasionally invade our lives, we have found that our diffuser works wonders.  Once the mess is cleaned up we set the diffuser up in the room, throw five drops of purify in it, and turn it on.  We use the Aromalight diffuser (Affiliate Link) and it stays on for 8 hours.  This is more than enough time to kill the smelliness and make the room smell fresh.
Purify is David’s favorite oil to put through a diffuser.  It contains a mixture of Lemon Peel, Lime Peel, Siberian Fir Needle, Austrian Fir Needle, Pine Needle, Citronella Grass, Melaleuca Leaf, and Cilantro Herb essential oils.  Purify is specifically meant to be a deodorizer and doTERRA hit a home run with this oil.
When you have kids it is amazing how many messes they make without even trying.  Keeping a bottle of Purify handy is a must have.  Many of the oils included in the blend are not safe for internal use, but it can be used topically for bug bites, smelly laundry, as a natural cleaning agent, as an air freshener in your car (put a little on a cotton ball and stick it in the vent).  We have also found that it can remove the burned crud on the stove, and get the funky smell out of the fridge with these cool DIY Fridge Refreshers.
There are many doTERRA oils that can do many things, but few are as versatile and smell as good as doTERRA Purify.

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